Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have received specialized training at the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) and are certified to handle your compounds with the highest of standards.  We can customize your medications to fit your unique needs, for example:

Dosage forms can be altered:

Do you have trouble swallowing the tablets that your doctor prescribed?  We can help with that.  Ask us about converting your medication to a format, such as liquid, that you’ll find much easier to take.  

Unique formulations can be created:

Different medications can be combined to work synergistically, in a way that is not commercially available.  For example, we regularly combine multiple active components that target different pain systems into a topical gel to help patients get relief directly where they need it most.  Also, excipients that can be troublesome, such as dyes and lactose, can be excluded.

Sterile preparations can be produced:

Certain medications need to be prepared in an aseptic manner to prevent contamination and infection, such as eye drops and injectables.  Our specially trained team can make these preparations in our USP 797 sterile laboratory that has achieved ISO 5, ISO 7 and ISO 8 certification.

Medications can be prepared in dosage forms not commercially available:

For example, troches (lozenges), suppositories and transdermal gels.


For Refills and Transfers:

Refill your prescriptions quickly and easily online!

Joining us at Custom Care Pharmacy & Compounding Centre in Oshawa is easy. Simply fill out our online application and we will transfer your prescriptions for you.


Specialty OTC Products

We have the expertise to prepare specialty products that don’t require a prescription, i.e. products that are available “over-the-counter” (OTC).

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For example, we offer a uniquely formulated moisturizing cream, exclusive to our pharmacy.  It is perfect for soothing wind-chapped and sunburnt skin in the warmer seasons, and softening and protecting skin throughout the colder months.  It is made to order using a nourishing oil base and scent chosen by you, to suit your distinctive needs.  Examples of oil bases include avocado oil, almond oil and apricot kernel oil.

We have a variety of scents, such as mango madness, citrus pomegranate, French pear and citrus linen.  You can even combine two scents together; mixing Satsuma orange with vanilla results in a delicious orange creamsicle scent! The avocado oil cream with mango madness scent is a favourite among our customers.  


Ask us about other specialty products that we can custom compound for you.