Winter Is Coming - Our Solution for Dry Flaky and Irritated Skin

Here at Custom Care Pharmacy & Compounding Centre, we have our own unique solution for dry skin.  Our compounding team prepares luxurious moisturizing creams using nourishing oils.  From coconut oil to avocado oil, we have a range of skin oils to choose from, all of which have anti-aging, antioxidant and hydrating properties.  Want extra anti-inflammatory effects and protection from UV damage?  You have the option of adding Vitamin Eto the cream.

Our Moisturizing Cream and Enriched Moisturizing Cream are made on site at the time of ordering, ensuring a freshly prepared product made with premium ingredients.  You can further customize by adding a personal scent.  For example, a cream made from Apricot Kernel Oil with Raspberry Lemonade scent is both fresh and soothing!

Our Moisturizing Creams are also a great alternative for those who are already applying oils directly onto skin for its many health benefits.  Our Moisturizing Creams have a high concentration of oil and have a smooth application, but are absorbed more readily, making this a less “greasy” feeling option.

Want to prevent dry and tight facial skin as well?  Try our Gentle Facial Cleanser, made with cucumber extract for a boost in hydration.  It is an effective cleanser that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Drop by our pharmacy at the corner of Ritson Road and Taunton Road in Oshawa to choose your own freshly made Custom Cream!