Making Eye Drops From Your Own Blood

As a Specialty Compounding Pharmacy, we can make unique drug products that are not commercially available.  One such product is Autologous Serum Eye Drops (ASEDs), also known as Serum Tears.  ASEDs are specialty eye drops made from a person’s own blood.

ASEDs are an effective therapy for those with severe dry eye symptoms, such as patients with Sjögren’s syndrome.  Our natural tears contain components not found in artificial tear products.  The biochemical similarities between an individual’s blood serum and natural tears make ASEDs a safe and effective treatment for dry eye.  Furthermore, wound healing effects of ASEDs have been demonstrated in a number of studies.

We make the process simple here at Custom Care Pharmacy & Compounding Centre.  We will arrange an appointment for you with our Registered Nurse at the pharmacy, where blood collection will be performed thus ensuring the freshest possible sample and a finished product of the highest quality.  We produce the Serum Tears at the pharmacy and they will be ready in a few hours.  For more information about Autologous Serum Eye Drops, contact us at or 905-240-8881.